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The Simple Beauty Of Jade

Hi everyone, my post today is about a skincare favorite of mine and it's my Jade face roller! I know recently these (along with the Rose Quartz ones) have been super popular and are starting to be sold in more "mainstream" stores like Sephora and Ulta. I actually purchased my roller from Earth's Elements in Encinitas and I use it religiously.

The Jade roller is a perfect gift for yourself or literally anyone else! I love to use mine in the mornings as it's so good at cooling and de-puffing your face. I've seen that a bunch of people like to put theirs in the fridge to cool them over night but I find that it cools naturally and is the perfect temperature when I leave it over night.

Jade rollers have so many positive effects on your skin from tightening pores to increasing skin stimulation. Jade is also known as a healing tone that symbolizes purity and tranquility, perfect for starting your day!

I would say definitely invest in one of these as they are fairly inexpensive and long lasting! I couldn't find the link to my exact roller but here are a few similar, enjoy!

- Sephora roller (link)

- Ulta roller (link)

- Nordstrom roller (link)

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