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Skincare Favorites

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Hi everyone, in todays post I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite things other than clothing and thats skincare! I take great pride in my skin and I absolutely love to try new products. Here I'm going to be sharing some of my personal favorites. I am lucky because I'm not prone to troubled skin but I do have sort of combination skin. I'd say over all I look for products that moisturize and smooth skin.

(Left to right) One of my absolute favorite face creams ever has to be Fresh's Lotus Youth Preserve. This cream works wonders because of how moisturizing it is, I literally use it all the time from after my skin care routine to when I wake up before I apply makeup (It also has the best 'fresh' and clean scent!). Fresh's products have to be up there with Mario Badescu as some of the best skincare products I have ever used. Next we have a new favorite which is my Neal's Yard wild rose beauty balm, this is a life saver when it comes to any skin care emergency, I personally use it as a lip balm but the best part about this product is the fact that you can really use it for anything, from cleanser to moisturizer. Again this product has a lovely natural rose smell to it! Glow Recipe's watermelon sleeping mask is another favorite because it works miricales on tired skin. As a highschool student tired skin is a problem I suffer with and this mask is perfect for that. I love it because you can just apply it before you sleep and you wake up with flawless skin, it really is an over night cure! Lastly I have the classic and well known Purity cleanser by Philosophy. This is my go to cleaner because it works for all skin types. It removes makeup traces which is ideal for anything you may have missed. It leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized.

A few more favorites! Here is another holy grail Fresh product, their Rose Floral Toner is a must in any skincare collection. Its brilliant because of how many ways you can use it. I choose to use this before I apply my makeup and after my skincare routine as a fresh spritz of rose to wake myself up and leave my skin feeling amazing. Again the scent of this toner is so nice because it smells natural, it has a very light rosey smell to it which I often get complimented about! As mentioned earlier Mario Badescu's facial sprays (this one is the lavender infused) are the best in the game. I keep one of these in my school bag (they make mini sizes!) along with others in pretty much all of my handbags. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am fully obsessed with these, I'm often heard saying that this "holds my life together." Its uses range from setting makeup to just a freshening cooling spray throughout the day. Mario Badescu also has the best prices, this spray was only $7! Lastly but certainly not least have another classic. The Fresh soy face cleanser, it is outstanding. I swap this out with my Purity cleanser in my skin care routine. It removes makeup and deep cleanses your skin for a refreshed glow.

Links (Photo 1):

- Fresh face cream (link)

- Neal's Yard beauty balm (link)

- Glow Recipe sleeping mask (link)

- Purity facial cleanser (link)

Links (Photo 2):

- Fresh floral toner (link)

- Mario Badescu (link)

- Fresh face cleanser (link)

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