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Parakeet Cafe

Hi everyone, my post today is sharing my wonderful experience at Parakeet Cafe in La Jolla.

As you walk in the first thing that catches your eye is the amazing decor in the cafe. Everywhere is covered in beautiful things no matter where you look.

I love the ambiance of this place, although it's small it's full of lovely people and good vibes!

I ordered the Caprese Toast and a Hot Chocolate which were both delicious.

Overall Parakeet is just such a nice place perfect for really any meal! They have a little bakery section which had a lot of different breakfast options too!

(You can see the outfit details that I'm wearing above here!)

I'm also really excited to say that they are opening a new Parakeet Cafe even closer to my house in the Del Mar area and I have plans to be working with them! So you'll probably see more Parakeet posts coming soon.

Check them out here!

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