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Pannikin Coffee & Tea

Hi everyone, I recently had a wonderful trip to Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Leucadia. This place is somewhere everyone should go if you live in San Diego or even if your'e just visiting.

Pannikin is this super cute family owned and operated coffee house which has delicious food, good service and cute instagram spots throughout.

I am obsessed with the vintagey decor they have from the Encinitas sign to their railway station theme.

The day I went was lovely which meant I had to sit out on their second floor terrace over looking the highway 101.

At this point its probably no surprise that I had to order the avocado toast! Along with this amazing caesar salad. All washed down with a pomegranate ice tea.

Overall I had a great time at Pannikin. Its perfect for a leisurely breakfast, brunch or lunch in a cute environment with good food ranging from small snacks and freshly baked goods all the way to proper meals.

Take a look at Pannikin's website here!

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