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Native Poppy

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Hi everyone, I recently visited this awesome place and I wanted to share my experience. Native Poppy is a florist in North Park in which you can pick out flowers to make up a bouquet or buy really cute gifts! This has honestly become a new favorite of mine in San Diego just because of the lovely environment the store has. Native Poppy is attached to Communal Coffee meaning you can have a drink or a bite to eat whilst looking at all the beautiful scenery. I ended up buying the best gifts for my friends and a lovely bouquet.

I love this little shop so much! They have such a vast selection of fresh flowers to choose from.

Even the entrance looks good!

Their "flower menu" has some of my absolute favorites. I also love how you can buy whatever you need from singular flowers and small bunches to floral wreaths and massive bouquets.

Such a variety of beatiful flowers, they have common favorites like roses and carnations with cool coloured snapdragons.

Any colour theme you want they have!

I couldn't leave without getting this super soft grey tee with their logo.

I couldn't leave empty handed. These were the selection of flowers that I picked up. I really have a mix of all types of flowers in here and Native Poppy is a florist where you really can just choose what you love.

Another look at them. They work perfectly in this glass from Anthropology (it's not technically a vase but I loved it with these flowers and thought it would work well).


- Anthropology glass (link)

Native Poppy is worth a visit (their website is here), stop by there for some gorgeous flowers and a nice drink at Communal Coffee (link).

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