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Happy Halloween

Hi everyone, along with my other post today I also thought I would share my super low-key halloween costume for school! Its super simple and easy to make with anything you already have.

So like I said before this look is super easy to pull off. I wear my sparkly Windsor devil horns, white long sleeve Brandy Melville shirt (Size: XS), red lace body suit from Forever 21 (Size: XS), Gucci belt (Size: 65 cm), Hollister light wash jeans (Size: 00) and my old school Vans (Size: 7.5).

I love this bodysuit so much because its really comfy and I can wear it over shirts or on its own for if its a festival or event!

For makeup I decided to do this bold bright lip and eye look! I used my favorite bright eyeliners by NYX (Liquid Brights) to create my red wing (Shade: vivid fire) and then the Fenty Beauty lip paint (Shade: uncensored).

My wings were super easy touches to add to my outfit.


- Windsor headband (link)

- NYX eyeliner (link)

- Fenty Beauty lipstick (link)

- Brandy Melville shirt (link)

- Gucci belt (link)

- Hollister jeans (link)

- Vans (link)

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