Parakeet Cafe

Hi everyone, my post today is sharing my wonderful experience at Parakeet Cafe in La Jolla. (You can see the outfit details that I'm wearing above here!) I'm also really excited to say that they are opening a new Parakeet Cafe even closer to my house in the Del Mar area and I have plans to be working with them! So you'll probably see more Parakeet posts coming soon. Check them out here! #SanDiego #ParakeetCafe #Lajolla #Cafe #HotChocolate #Toasts #Reviews #Blogger #Lifestyle

The Teddy Bear Jacket

Hi everyone, a massive trend right now is the teddy bear jacket. This trend originated when the fashion world fell in love with the IAMGIA "Pixie" jacket. From then many companies have been making their own versions of this jacket. Today's look I wear a teddy bear jacket with a twist along with a pretty plain outfit. Although its starting to get chilly and a skirt might not be an option for everyone, this jacket kept me so warm! Links: - I'm With The Band headband (link) - So

Madeleine Cafe & Bakery

Hi everyone, today I am going to be sharing my experience at Madeleine Cafe & Bakery in Solana Beach. You can check out their website here! Links: - World Market bowl (link) - Anthroplogie glass (link) #foodreviews #SanDiego #SolanaBeach #Favorites #Pasta #Fashionblogger #lifestyle #Glassware #Home #Cute #California

Wild About Animal Print

Hi everyone, today's outfit revolves around a bold animal print dress. This look is so simple to create because you can really make this with any statement dress you own. Thank you to my mum for these pictures! Links: - World Market hat (link) - Brandy Melville choker (link) - H&M dress (link) - Gucci bag (link)* - Steve Madden sandals (link) *Gucci no longer sells this bag! :( but here's a place you can buy it! #HMXme #HM #Animalprint #Dress #Looks #Whattowear #Floppyhat #Sh

A Pea Green Look

Hi everyone, I'm sharing todays look with you as a little bit of a warmer option for dressing up! This outfit was perfect for the smart yet not too formal look I was going for, not to mention to was comfortable yet I still received many lovely compliments on it! Links: - Topshop earrings (link) - Brandy Melville choker (link) - Topshop dress (link) - Gucci belt (link) - Zara camisole (link) - H&M tights (link) - Steve Madden boots (link) #LaJolla #Green #Looks #Inspo #Fashion

Happy Halloween

Hi everyone, along with my other post today I also thought I would share my super low-key halloween costume for school! Its super simple and easy to make with anything you already have. Links: - Windsor headband (link) - NYX eyeliner (link) - Fenty Beauty lipstick (link) - Brandy Melville shirt (link) - Gucci belt (link) - Hollister jeans (link) - Vans (link) #Halloween #Makeup #Devil #Fashionblogger #SanDiego #Local #Red #Sparkles #Blogs

Fav Fall Drinks

Hi everyone, Happy Halloween! although this post isn't really "halloweeny" per say its a little different and perfect for this time of year. I thought I would share my favorite warm drinks for the season as its slowly starting to get a little chillier here in San Diego. Links: - World Market red velvet mix (link) - World Market white chocolate mix (link) - Pinky Up hibiscus tea (link) - Pinky Up apple tea (link) #Fall #Drinks #WorldMarket #Marigolds #Tea #Hotcoco #Fashionblog

Black And White Looks

Hi everyone my post today consists of my two black and white looks from this past weekend. I love wearing black and white because they are such easy colours to pair with each other. Links (look 1): - Olive & Pique hat (link) - Lost + Wander trousers (link) - Steve Madden shoes (link) - MCM bag (link) Links (look 2): - Good Luck Gem shirt (link) - Zara dress (link) - Urban Outfitters belt (link) - Topshop skirt (link) - Steve Madden shoes (link) - Anthropologie bag (link) #Fas

Pannikin Coffee & Tea

Hi everyone, I recently had a wonderful trip to Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Leucadia. This place is somewhere everyone should go if you live in San Diego or even if your'e just visiting. Overall I had a great time at Pannikin. Its perfect for a leisurely breakfast, brunch or lunch in a cute environment with good food ranging from small snacks and freshly baked goods all the way to proper meals. Take a look at Pannikin's website here! #Pannikin #SanDiego #CoffeeHouse #Review #Loc

Black Fall Basics

Hi everyone, my post today is two different looks using the same black pieces as a base. I wanted to do a post like this just because a lot of people have these staple pieces in their closets. These are two different ways to change up an all black look. Links (look 1): - Lizzy James necklace (link) - Burberry cape (link)* - Hollister jeans (link) - Steve Madden boots (link) * I have the original Burberry colour way instead Links (look 2): - Hollister shirt and jeans linked ab

Finally Fall

Hi everyone, my post today is going to feature some of my more fall inspired looks. It's slowly starting to get a little chillier here in San Diego and as it's October everyone is in full Fall mode. My two looks featured are perfect as they feature warm cozy sweaters which can really be worn with bottoms or a skirt. Links (look 1): - H&M sweater (link) - Pink skirt (link) - Steve Madden flats (link) - Zara bag (link) Links (look 2): - Brandy Melville bralette (link) - Zara je

Pink Perfection

Hi everyone, today's post is a little different. I thought as October is breast cancer awareness month I would create a post sharing a few of my favorite pink essentials! Links: - Instamax Polaroid (link) - Matcha book (link) - Check out Lokai's website here for their latest BCR bracelet (link) - M.A.C heart glitter (link) #Pink #BCR #October #Fashionblogger #SanDiego #Local #California #Inspo #Aesthetics #UrbanOutfitters #Polaroid #Camera #Sparkles #MAC #Glitter

Simple But Classic

Hi everyone, in todays post I'm going to be showing a few of my favorite recent outfits that are super simple but can really work for anyone in any event. Thank you to my mum for taking these great photos! Links (look 1): - Good Luck Gem shirt (link) - Gucci belt (link) - Fashion Nova jeans (link) - Dolce Vita sandals (link) Links (look 2): - Topshop jeans (link) - Steve Madden boots (link) #Simplelooks #FashionNova #Gucci #FashionBlogger #inspo #looks #SanDiego #Instagram #F

All Black With A Twist

Hi everyone, my look today is super simple and easy for anyone to wear! I love wearing looks like this just because they are super easy to put together yet look totally planned and coordinated. Thank you to Caesar for making this outfit look as good as it does in real life with his amazing photography skills! Links: - Fashion Nova bottoms (link)* - Steve Madden shoes (link) * This whole set is so cute and would be a warmer alternative with this look! #Allblack #FashionNova #S

Native Poppy

Hi everyone, I recently visited this awesome place and I wanted to share my experience. Native Poppy is a florist in North Park in which you can pick out flowers to make up a bouquet or buy really cute gifts! This has honestly become a new favorite of mine in San Diego just because of the lovely environment the store has. Native Poppy is attached to Communal Coffee meaning you can have a drink or a bite to eat whilst looking at all the beautiful scenery. I ended up buying the

Mauve Moment

Hi everyone, todays look is a little more fall like even though its still pretty warm here in San Diego. I love this look because its so simple and comfortable yet easy to wear without feeling too over the top. For these photos I stopped by another local coffee shop! Links: - Free People shirt (link) - Steve Madden shoes (link)* Check out Holy Matcha here, And my post about it here! *Mine are the suede ones! #HolyMatcha #SteveMadden #Coffee #Maroon #Mauve #FloppyHat #Dior #No

Afternoon Sunshine

Hi everyone, in todays post not only am I going to be sharing a cute outfit with you but also some delicious food/drinks! Todays look has super summery vibes which is ideal for the warm weather as well as being super comfy. Thank you to Caesar for taking my outfit photos! Links: - Free People romper (link) - Steve Madden bag (link) - Bamboo sandals (link) And here is S3's website, check them out for delicious food and good service. #sandiego #fashionblog #local #foodreview #S

Maximum Monochrome

Hi everyone, San Diego is super sunny right now most of the day except for early in the morning before the clouds burn off, this look is ideal for the weather because its cool light items that won't get you too warm but that give you a touch of coverage! I love this look so much because it can pretty much be worn year round, it's also super simple and easy for anyone to pull off! Special thanks today to Jojo for being my photographer! Links: - World Market hat (link) - Urban

Denim For Days

Hi everyone, todays look is a very casual one consisting of some of my favorite pieces in my closet. Looks like this are perfect for warm weather because you can be cool without wearing shorts or a tank top and still look like you have made an effort. Captured by Caesar. Links: - Emma & Sam T-shirt (link) - Urban Outfitters Belt (link) - Vans (link) - MCM Backpack (link) Tags: #fashion #denim #vans #blogger #carmardenim #emmaandsam #LFstores #urbanoutfitters #sandiego #instag